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Ramsey Dau - "Readymade" Photography Book

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A collection of Ramsey Dau's street photography. Produced in a small first edition of 70 books. Dau describes the collection thusly:

I am drawn to taking a certain type of picture, what I might term images of “accidental” art in the urban environment – unintentional compositions of color, shape, and pattern right there for everyone to see, but rarely appreciated: walls with Rothko-esque blocks of color where a shop-owner has painted over graffiti with whatever color paint he has on hand, alleys with “installations” of piled trash, or bodegas and ice-cream trucks with naively painted signs that rival Warhol’s pop sensibilities.

• 5.875" x 8.75"
• 48 pages
• Soft Cover Perfect Bound
• 80lb. Cougar Opaque text and 100lb. cover
• $3 US Shipping