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Ramsey Dau - "Portrait of America" Collage Book



This collection of 100 collages was created for a music project I began in 2022 called, This Body. I wrote and produced an album of dark techno (entitled, Default Mode Network) which I had pressed to vinyl in an edition of 100 copies. I then made individual collages for each record jacket and the project culminated with a show of all the collages and a 3-hour experimental live music session in February 2024 between myself, on a modular synthesizer, and the artist and musician, Tim Biskup, on drums.

The collages continue the theme of a larger body of work I have been engaged with since 2020 called, “The Last Americans.” It deals with concepts of late-stage capitalism and the broken promise of the American dream, by re-contextualizing iconic images of Americana with incongruous advertising slogans and chopped-up news headlines. The darkly humorous results may be cynical, but they help me deal with the absurdity of America in 2024.

• 1st Edition of 75
• 104 pages
• 8.5" x 8.25"
• Comes with a download code for the digital album
• Soft cover perfect bound
• 80lb. Cougar Opaque text and 100lb. cover
• $8 US Shipping