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"A Piece of America" Giclée Print


Archival water-based pigment print.
Moab Entrada Rag Natural 150gsm 100% cotton matte paper.

Signed and numbered by the artist

Edition limited to 100

Size: 23.5" x 18"



'A Piece of America,' is a painting I made in 2019 from a collage study I made that same year. I find the collage process allows me to explore synchronicity and chance in a playful way. Combinations of image, color, text, and shape often come together to create a narrative or mood even without my expressed intent. When I find a combination that feels successful, I memorialize that image by rendering it over weeks or months in paint. This process allows me to experience the joy of chance in my work as well as feelings of accomplishment that come with improving my skills and technique. And then I can sit back and wonder what it all means.
- Ramsey Dau